Chakra Series

*7 Week Course*

Our chakras are power and vital energy centers that anchor our soul into our physical body. They govern our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being and experiences.

They are the gateways that unite us with the Divine, our higher selves, our truth. Learning to clear, align and energize our Chakras heals our physical bodies, emotional blocks/traumas & cognitive dissonance. In addition it brings peace, joy, well-being and strengthens our spiritual cord. Anchoring more of our High Self, Divine consciousness into our bodies - creating miracles.

Understanding, healing, nurturing and influencing these centers have miraculous effects on our inner and outer lives. Incredible rates of healing physical and emotional pain, removing psychological blocks/trauma, and influencing the manifestation of our desires are all rooted in our chakras. They are what ground our soul into our physical body.


In this series we will cover and work deeply with each of the main 7 chakras, in order to:


  • Better understand the nature, meaning & purpose of each chakra

  • Learn the physical organs, emotional bodies & psychological correlation connected to each chakra

    • Pain body

    • Archetypes

    • Functions

  • Aligning with the source of Universal Consciousness in order to heal, align and energize each chakra using:

    • Vibrational sound/Harmonization

    • Color healing

    • Mantras

    • Affirmations

    • Crystals/Gemstones

    • Plants/Flowers

    • Yoga Poses


A video will be released every week for 7 weeks, the 8th will be a dedicated 2hr Q & A for all participants.


People can purchase the entire series for a discounted price Or individual videos at the regular rate.

*Begins January 16, 2021


*Pre-Purchase Price*