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Welcome to my Healing & Release Workshop! With so much change, transformation and calls in new directions we are being guided to let go of the old and embrace a new journey.

This Workshop is designed to train you to increase the flow of prana throughout the bodies, in-person and distance healing, dimension shifting for manifestations, and clear out old attachments (to people/places/idea/habits) and honor the process of change through healing work and moving into new frequency of the life you deserve!

Points for the class:

  • Consciously running energy & circulating prana in the body to increase auric field (accelerate healing & purging), accelerate the healing and detoxification process. This also expands your electromagnetic field, aligning your energy for higher manifestation

  • Increasing pranic flow and learning to channel energies to the physical/emotional/mental bodies for in-person and Distance healing. 

  • Cord Healing - For those looking to let go we will also be doing deep attachment release

  • Water healing for physical and emotional healing

  • Dimension Shifting - we live in a universe of infinite parallel realities. I am going to direct you and show you how to pull in the one you wish to experience and align you with its manifestation

  • Candle release work - powerful physical and subconscious healing

Tools to bring:

  • White candle (preferably in glass and as large as possible) & matches

  • A glass or bottle of purified water

  • Small snack for grounding (banana, bread etc)

  • Pen & Paper

I am so excited for you to join me!

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