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This in-depth and hands-on course will teach you amazing tools and practices to develop your natural intuitive/psychic abilities, channel with your spirit guides/ascended masters, and learn how to align and raise your energetic vibration. As these current planetary energies are here to support our natural energetic ascension we are being asked to release and rebirth into the new, truly requiring us to stay connected to our higher selves in a much stronger and clearer way. This course will provide you with the training and tools necessary to assist you with this natural evolution and help to guide you into better alignment, commune with the Divine for guidance and clear away blocks that inhibit your forward movement. 


  • Notepad & pen

  • Space free of all clutter and disruption

  • Sage/clear out workspace

  • Cell phone/tablet (or you can use a separate tab on your laptop)to pull up requested visuals (these will be used as part of the curriculum)


  • Discussion on different intuitive/psychic abilities, their differences, application and identifying individual strengths

  • Discussion and hands-on application of energy grounding, clearing and protection

  • Clear intention - Why we’re developing this, how to utilize this for a higher purpose, it’s application and purpose in the Ascension process

  • Grounding and clearing 

  • Meridian breathwork to increase prana and open Crown/3rd Eye Chakra

  • Clairaudience/Channeling Development

  • Clairvoyance/Clairaudience Development

  • Clairsentience Development (Visuals/Full Names)

  • Claircognizance

  • Prana building, Channeling, generating and redirecting prana/energy

    • ​Building the auric field

    • Raising the vibration of your electro-magnetic field 

  • Working with Archangels

    • ​Michael

  • Grounding and Releasing