"I can say without exaggeration that Angelic has helped me through some of my deepest and most traumatic life experiences and has given a completely new outlook on my life. Because of her coaching and readings I have pushed myself out of the darkness and to the happiest place I have ever been and continue to grow."

Audrey Lemke - Fullerton, CA

"I had an amazing reading with Angelic, one of the best readings I've had! She was able to pinpoint exactly what I was going though and where I needed guidance. I left the reading feeling so optimistic about my future. Will definitely contact her again! "

Hannah- London, UK

"Angelic is a great life coach and tarot reader, she has such a strong intuitive energy balancing both life advice and tarot. She has such a creative insight and connection to her clients and is able to give them both practical tools and advice.Angelic truly has a gift, with such a clear positive energy and spirit, you will definitely learn something in her session. ."

Light Johnson

"Angelic is so divinely connected. Her beautiful soul paired with her innate gifts and open heart, allowed me to reconnect to the highest aspect of my own being which has led me toward the start of my own spiritual journey. The love and light she spreads, helps heal all who come across her path."

Natasha Conejo - Yucaipa, CA

"I've been a client of Angelic's for over 4 years. As a cancer survivor I highly recommend a session with Angelic, the Reiki Master! Her energy work is amazing! I absolutely can say that her Reiki sessions and positive guidance have helped me heal in so many ways... Mind, Body, and Soul. Thank you Angelic for your continued love and light! I am truly blessed to have crossed paths with you in my healing journey!"

Sylvia Razzo - Ontario, CA

"Angelic came into my life when every effort to restore my health on all levels had been explored and exhausted. A chance meeting with one of Angelic's clients led me down a divine path that would completely change the course of my life, forever. I have been working with Angelic for 3 years; after 1 month with Angelic I made more progress than I had made in one year working with some of the top physical therapists, general practitioners and neurologists in my area. Initially my intent was to recover from two serious concussions and overcome a post-concussive diagnosis. What I didn't know is that Angelic would help restore my physical health, but she would also move me into a deep process that at one time was completely foreign to me, and that is the restoration of the mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies by integration, through synthesis; as a conduit. The healing is tangible, her passion genuine and felt deeply and her gift evident. One of my wishes would be that everyone could experience a healer with a heart that matches their gift, that is Angelic."

Mike Mejia - Rancho Cucamonga, CA

"Angelic has an amazing ability that allows you to feel so comfortable in your imperfections. Her perspectives are profound. Allowing for the door to open for all of us to be the best person that we can possibly be. Very gifted and compassionate she has this innate ability to advise what to let go of and what to shift. Her authenticity and warm smile will have you at hello."

Micehelle Sarisky -  Upland, CA

"Angelic is an amazing  individual who has blessed my life tremendously. Her ability to  see my full potential and challenge me to  remain focused on my goals has been instrumental in creating the life I desire.  I am truly blessed to have her as a mentor."

Charlotte Sanchez - Chino Hills, CA

"Angelic is incredible, and her readings are full of positive energy, you can feel the transition. Her explanations are right on the dot and she will explain to you the meaning of each card and how it applies to your life or the experiences that you are going through. Every time I get a reading with her, the cards flow exactly to my situation and she gives me the best guidance and advice."

Marlene Garcia - Ontario, CA

"Angelic is one of the best healers, readers, spiritual advisors, I have ever gone to. She understands you and speaks to you. She has always given me accurate information and I highly, highly recommend her."

Erica Yanez - Rancho Cucamonga, CA

"Having the pleasure of working with Angelic made me comfortable with experiencing Reiki and all it has to offer. Being a "newbie"to Reiki, Angelic was professional, courteous, and provided a safe and caring environment. The environment she created allowed me to completely relax (which I thought was impossible to due to stress and anxiety) and feel a sense of relief. It sounds so simple, but she is very open and caring, which are qualities you want in someone working on your energy. I highly recommend Angelic. She will guide you through the Reiki process and brighten your day with her positive energy alone!"

Leticia Rodriguez - Rancho Cucamonga, CA

"I have no words for Angelic's gifts! I purchased her reiki healing and soul reading and I'm still in shock and awe... Hearing her soul reading of me, brought tears to my eyes and her suggestions will be a guide I will try to follow. Thank you, Angelic! Deeply grateful!"

Theodora Darviri- Western Europe

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