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Fundamentals 101

Hi Everyone! It is my intention that this 2hr in-depth class serves to enlighten and support you 💛

In this workshop we will be covering the following:

Energetic Detoxing

Cleansing and releasing from our etheric body is essential not only for emotional health but physical health as well. The physical body is a mirror of the energetic body. So when we build up heavy mental/emotional energy over some time, our physical body begins to reflect this density in the form of pain and illness. Learn Detoxing techniques that are practical and efficient in maintaining your health.

Image by Laura Olsen

Energetic Hygiene Practices

Once we've detoxed, maintaining good energetic hygiene practices is key in supporting our overall health, as well as our mental and emotional well-being. In a world where we can connect instantly with so many people and places, it's important to make sure that we not only have healthy boundaries but continually release and remove energies that are not ours to hold or carry. In addition, we want to remove any unwanted energies that are attracted to or projected at us. Learn easy and effective tools to maintain your hygiene and protect your energy.

Image by Annie Spratt

Increasing Pranic Flow &
Strengthening Your Energy Field

Once we get into the rhythm of maintaining and supporting our energetic health, it's natural to want to learn how to increase your energetic flow, expand your energy, and raise your overall vibration. When we can learn to maintain higher frequencies of energy we attract higher vibrational environments and experiences. We also release and deter low vibrational energies with much more ease and grace. Learn valuable exercises and tools to increase pranic and strengthen your energetic field.

Image by Darius Bashar
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