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Psychic Development
Training & Mentorship

(Via Google Meeting/FaceTime/Skype)

These 1-on-1 coaching sessions are personally tailored and designed to meet you at your current level of experience.

During these sessions I will guide and teach you in:

  • Energetic Clearing & Circulation

    • To clear out blocks and raise your frequency and vibrational rates

  • Developmental techniques to build and strengthen your natural (genetic) psychic traits and abilities.

    • Like any other muscles in your body your 6th sense requires conditioning and refinement. ​

  • Assign work & projects to test and apply your skills and tools in real life.

    • Your work assignments will involve 'reading' actual people, locations and energetic signatures.​

    • This is necessary in order to develop and understand your own unique internal language and psychic abilities

    • These assignments build upon each other in varying levels of focus and difficulty.

  • Emotional Healing & Release

    • I will teach your how to properly clear, cleanse and release stagnant, built-up and discordant energies that naturally occur during psychic work​

Whether for personal or professional use I will teach you the fundamental framework for psychic development as well as the foundation upon which to grow, strengthen and expand your abilities.

This service is designed in 3 session increments.


On top of our 1hr live coaching session each week, I will be working alongside you (virtually) throughout the week to support and guide your assignments, follow up and answer any questions you may have.

I look forward to working with you!

Candle Burning Ritual

Psychic Development Training

*Sessions & Assignments to be completed over 3 Consecutive weeks

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Session purchase is required in order to book.
Please call/text/email to schedule your appointment.

No refunds, only reschedules.

Venmo: @Angelic-Rubalcava

Zelle: (909) 994-1775

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