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Reiki Treatment

Reiki  Healing w/ Intuitive Guidance

This session is designed to provide both energetic healing of the body and give intuitive readings on areas of concern in your life - or as follow-up sessions to your soul reading.

This session includes everything in the Chakra analysis session - deeply
 restoring, balancing, and healing of your body
 and removing stuck and stagnant energy. 

In addition to providing channeled guidance from your Divine spiritual team on areas of your life that you may need clarity, understanding, or guidance on.

This helps my clients to take healthy right action, heal in a way that is best for them, and better understand the nature of situations they may be experiencing to better align, heal, and manifest.

(For more detailed questions
Reiki accelerates the healing process, reduces pain, curbs the side effects of medication, improves sleep and lowers anxiety. It is also highly cathartic and assists in releasing long held or built up emotions.

90 mins Session


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Contact me for availability

*Session purchase is required at time of booking*

No refunds, only reschedules. Please see Policy page.

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3 Session Bundle


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