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This nearly 4hr workshop was recorded live and created to train you in several highly effective manifesting techniques. Getting you clear, empowered and co-creating on level of powerful intensity! So let’s do it together!

Come join this incredible workshop where you will:

  • Clear and create space to channel your energy into your future vision and goals with clarity and powerful intention.

  • Learn to create a clear and successful vision board and have fun in the process! Using color magic to help increase the energy of each are

  • Call in the correct Archangel(s) to charge, bless and align your visions for powerful manifestation!

  • Water Manifesting - deep and moving.

  • Candle Manifesting - quick and powerful

  • 555 method - incredible for financial prosperity.

  • Feng shui

In order to bring your visions and desires into reality quickly! It’s very important when making a vision board to select no more than three areas to focus on i.e. relationships, health, money OR family, career, spirituality. This is so that your energy and focus are not spread thin.

So please select your three areas and bring the following:

  • Poster board

  • Visual clippings or print outs that depict your desired outcomes. Ex: wedding dress/rings if you wish to get engaged or married, a specific car, body image, bank account number etc.

  • Colored markers

  • A large (7oz or more) white candle and matches

  • Sage or palo santo to clear the space

I am so excited for you to join me and to co-create the year of your dreams! Literally.

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