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Reiki Certification
& Training

Traditional Reiki has three levels of attunement and certification. I offer these certifications upon request both on an individual or group basis. I train in traditional Usui Reiki with an emphasis on psychic development. For details please feel free to contact me.

Reiki I Certification


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You will learn and be trained in the following:

  • The History, foundation and application of Reiki

  • Fundamental understanding of the Chakras, the subtle energetic body

  • Reiki I Attunement and meditation for raising your vibratory rate

  • Sensing, understanding and reading the aura

  • Hands-on training and application of the Reiki hand positions

  • Running energy into the body, sensing and removing emotional blockages

  • Clearing and balancing the body in session

Reiki I Certification With

Psychic Development


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In this training you will learn everything included in Reiki I Certification in addition to:

  • Invoking Divine protection and preparing to psychically read a client

  • Identify your natural intuitive abilities and apply in real-time session

  • Learn and implement several forms of psychic readings in order to scan and process information being provided by the emotional and physical body

  • Cleanse and clear yourself of others psychic debris

Reiki II Certification


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In this class you will be trained in the following:

  • Refresh and review Reiki I training and application of the reiki hand positions

  • Reiki II Attunement

  • Taught the 3 main Reiki Symbols used in treatment, their meaning, creation and application to the body for healing

  • How to apply the symbols for self healing/energizing and your environments

  • Distance Healing training and application

Reiki III Master Certification


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In this class you will be trained in:

  • Reiki III Master Attunement

  • Train in the application of the Reiki Master symbol 

  • Review and discuss the outline and training of students for Reiki I, II & III certification courses

  • Taught how to attune your students to all 3 levels of Reiki

  • Hands on application and run through of All 3 attunement processes

  • How to prepare for attuning others

  • Responsibility of being a Reiki Master Teacher

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