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Working Through Heartbreak & Change - Stepping Into the Unknown

​So many of us are experiencing loss right now, whether it is the loss of a job, a lover, a friend, a lifestyle, a dream…. There is so much in transition right now in the name of forward movement and letting go of toxicity in our lives. As a healer and life coach I want to provide you with simple yet effective tools you can implement today to help you feel empowered, motivated and moving confidently in the direction of your dreams.

So much has changed and transpired since Venus completed her retrograde on Nov. 16th, and left in her wake monumental changes in each of our lives. While this is can feel scary and unsure, it is also exciting and new - unchartered territory that holds so much potential for ripe growth, happiness and opportunity.

Hear me out - while we may be programmed to be “realistic” to the point of pessimism, it is YOU who gets to choose your thoughts and their accompanying emotions. We create what we focus on, so choose wisely. We are master manifestors who Co-create with the Universe. So while it may be tempting to shirk our responsibility for our lives being the way they are by believing we are at the whim of Fate, it is just not so my friends. Yes it is true that there are so many aspects out of our control, however what we experience outside of us is a reflection of what is inside of us. The best way to change our circumstances and our experiences is to change what we think, and how we respond to life so that the Universe brings us opportunities, people and experiences that reflect our joy, our self-worth, healing and our inner peace.

I'm not asking you to take my word for it, I'm asking you to experiment, test this out for yourself and assess the changes that take place. When we're going through change the first things we must address are our emotions, our reactions to our circumstances and to release any resistance we may be holding to what is. Here are some tips to help you with this Today:

  • Journal - Grab anything you can write on, it doesn't matter if it's a napkin and get anything to write with. This is not a diary, these are instruments through which you are going to practice Energy Transference. This is the act of moving energy from the body to another item to release and to uplift your energy field. It doesn't matter if you write nothing but cuss words, nothing but asking “why Universe why” or even better - giving words to all of your fear, pain, anger and uncertainty in whatever form. This act provide cathartic release, and it gives you the opportunity to take forward movement from a much more grounded space. Give yourself at least three minutes, that's all it takes - do it now.

  • Chakra Clearing - This isn't woo woo, these are real energy centers in your body and they correlate to physical, emotional and psychological aspects of your body. When going through change whether you're experiencing grief, heartbreak or anxiety these will be out of balance. In order to have clarity, to take action steps, to move forward these need to be grounded and balanced so that you can co-create from a place of clarity and peace. There are many chakra clearing meditations on YouTube that are absolutely free, you can go there right now, find one that resonates with you and follow along. It doesn't take long you can find one as small as 5 minutes - do it now.

  • Vision Board - The Universe gives to you and reflects back to you whatever it is you focus on the majority of the time. If you focus on lack it will provide you situations that could confirm this narrative. If you feel unworthy you will attract experiences that confirm this belief. SO it's vital that you get very clear on what it is you wish to experience and feel. Vision boards are simple, you can create a word document on your computer and paste pictures and words that resonate with the experiences you wish to have. An example might be a picture of a gorgeous home, a good job, a healthy relationship, a healthy body. You can also do this in physical form and get a poster board and print out pictures or cut out things from magazines and paste it. Your level of Hands-On is up to you. Once complete put this somewhere you will see it all the time whether it's on your desktop, lock screen or in your bedroom. Make sure to view it several times a day so that it imprints upon your subconscious mind. Do this now.

  • Affirmations - Look I know this is not the first time you've heard of these and they're so simple most people pass them up, but let me tell you guys - they work. You spend the majority of your day being critical, negative, or pessimistic and guess what? It works! You attract more of it, the only difference is, is that these are negative affirmations. We need to reprogram your mind and your physical responses to Positive and life affirming affirmations. My advice? Pick 3-5 affirmations that truly resonate with you and affirm them Every Single Time fear crops up. This needs to become a habit, trust me it gets easier. Take deep breaths and focus on each word if possible. My favorite comes from Louise Hay, “All is well, Everything is working out for my highest good and happiness, only good will come from this situation, and I am safe.” Here is her link and it provides TONS of amazing affirmations for you to choose from or give you ideas - do this now:

  • EFT - The Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as tapping is incredible! Whenever we have fear or grief your amygdala secretes cortisol, the stress hormone. This hormone follows certain pathways in the body and EFT uses simple acupressure points that redirect this hormone. While a very simple technique it is highly effective and only takes several minutes to do. The results? The next time you think of that person, place, experience, incident you will no longer experience a stress/anxiety response. Thus allowing you to start taking action steps forward. It may need to be done a few to several times depending on the severity, but it is absolutely worth doing. Follow the link below to learn how and get started now!

My hope is that these serve you, I have worked with each of these with much success and I hope you do too! You are worthy of love, peace, healing and happiness and you have the free will to make it so. I know it can feel hard and some days downright exhausting and insurmountable, but I promise you it gets better. Change is the only constant in this life, choose positive and powerful change out of love and commitment to yourself. Heartbreak feels like death in so many ways and fear can be crippling, so don't worry about tomorrow or next week. Just focus on the next moment, and taking in the next breath. You got this, I know you do and I'm here with you all the way. With all my love and blessings ❤️

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