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What a beautiful time to set your visions and dreams into motion and creation. I love new moons as they bring an energy ripe with growth, potential and creative spark. Every month this gorgeous glowing orb in the sky blesses us with phases that allow us to begin, complete and end cycles in our lives - assisting us with the ever constant flow of change and rebirth.

New moons represent hope to me. They represent the ever present opportunity to start again, begin again, try again...So whether you're working on your path, looking for your path or find yourself lost along the way, know that I and the New Moon are loving and supporting you along the way.

I created the video below to share and teach you tools to align you with your intentions and dreams and to harness this new moon energy in a powerful and creative way. So while you continue to walk your path with hope and vision, may this be a little light to help you along the way.

Wishing you so much joy and happiness,



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